amicus Privacy policy

amicus is a charity which organises and presents about three concerts a year performed by an orchestra of amateur, student and young professional musicians with established professional conductors, Leaders and soloists.

amicus holds personal information about you so that we can tell you about forthcoming events and this policy tells you how we use and look after your information:

amicus holds your name, email address, mobile number and a record of the instrument(s) you play so that we can contact you to let you know about forthcoming courses.

amicus will never use your personal information for any other purpose and will never pass your information to any other person or organisation.

If you enrol for an amicus event then we will keep the information you provide on your application form to help us organise the course to best meet your needs. Once the course is over we will delete all this information unless you have given us permission to retain your name, email address, mobile number and instrument so that we can tell you about the next course.

We will always keep your personal information secure and confine access to only those who have a role in organising and running amicus events.

You have the right to ask to see the information we hold about you and to ask for it to be updated or deleted at any time. If you wish to do any of these things then please email the amicus Data Controller at

The amicus website uses cookies to help you when you visit. However, we’ll always ask for your permission to use cookies and allow you to use some but not all of them if you prefer.

We will also give you a link to the amicus cookie policy when you visit the website.

Contact us for further information on how we keep  your data safe.