November 2018 saw Amicus’s most exciting project to date. We were very lucky to be invited to perform in the Leipzig Gewandhaus at the invitation of the Akademische Orchester Leipzig
We were asked to provide a Scottish programme and were delighted to take the RSNO leader Maya Iwabuchi as our soloist in the Bruch and Iain MacInnes to play the bagpipes in the Maxwell Davies.

Peter Maxwell Davies: An Orkney Wedding with Sunrise
Bruch: Scottish Fantasy
Mendelssohn: Symphony No. 3 “Scottish”

Our conductor was Catherine Larsen-Maguire who is based in Berlin. We were joined by some of the players from the Akademische Orchester so she was ideal for bilingual rehearsals! Here’s the story of our trip.

Saturday November the 10th, bright and early we were on the bus to Edinburgh airport to catch the flight to Frankfurt. We were looked after very well by the airport and managed to fit in a little light music on a Facebook Live as well as some crosswords.

3 across….Where will you find museums about these: Edvard Greig, Felix Mendelssohn, JS Bach & Richard Wagner









Lufthansa did a great job getting  all our instruments safely stowed including nine cellos, which each had their own seat.

All ready to go!









After the long bus ride at the other end, we checked into our hotel and checked out the bar!

The next morning we were straight into rehearsals at the Leipzig Oper and got to know some of our German colleagues who were joining us for this concert.








After more rehearsals in the afternoon we had a team dinner at a nearby restaurant.









On Monday we had a chance to see of the beautiful city of Leipzig with Frank from the Akademisches Orchester giving us a guided tour.

At the Mendelssohn monument

And then, things started getting really exciting, as our next rehearsal was in the iconic Gewandhaus! Although our big concert was imminent, we managed to take some pictures before we got started.







I don’t think that anything could have prepared us for the feeling of walking out on stage for the concert, to find a sell out audience of 1900 people. It was a tremendous evening and the audience seemed to particularly enjoy our encore of some Scottish reels. It was an amazing experience for everybody there and we hope to welcome back some of the Leipzig players to Glasgow in the not-too distant future.

The trip went all too quickly and we were on our way home at 0530 the next morning. It’s possible that some of our members didn’t make it to bed that night….

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